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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gift Certificates!

Happy Holidays, Droogies! 

Need a last minute gift for that special someone?
Know someone who would like a really super  t a t t o o ...
or a glow-in-the-dark werewolf tee-shirt?

Give a gift certificate from MARGINALIZED!

Available in many denominations, redeemable for anything from a single comic book to on the low end and up to several hours of tattooing at the high end. Specials apply (while supplies last), such as a marginalized beenie wool cap just in time for winter, free with any purchase of $50 or more.

Also suitable for framing.

Visit the store at

Marginalized Tattoo/


Sunday, November 16, 2014

new to the store

Hey Droogies, I just updated the store to include new items that have become available recently, as well as clear out some of the deadwood like shirts with just a few stragglers left over, pin-ups that don't seem to sell on line, and sold-out items.

A month ago my Dagon shirts became available. I debut them on Ebay, but I'm not so sure I will keep them up for sale there. Ebay offers a great convenience, but costs too much to maintain if sales aren't up. Ah well, my own store works fine :)

Last weekend was Bent-Con 2014, and there I debut Feral and the Ghost Skater #2, a long time in the making. I will go in depth about the book in a separate blog entry. These "Bent-Con 2014 Specials Editions" are sold, are slightly different from the final version of #2, which will probably be out next year.

Please check the store out and expect a mailing list e-mail blast about it in the near future!
DDOG '14

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dagon Shirt

Hey Droogies, I've put my latest shirt up for sale on Ebay, check it out and if you like, go ahead and purchase one. It's my first venture into selling on Ebay, and I'd like to sell a lot more designs there if successful.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fearful Hunter collected volume

fearful hunter

     If you've not read Jon Macy's Fearful Hunter, you are missing out on one of my favorite gay comics. Jon is a contemporary of mine in many ways, we both graduated high school from Monta Vista in Cupertino, California... the same year in fact, though we didn't meet until 2008. And we both make comics about gay werewolves. Fearful Hunter is a love story between a young druid, Oisin, who (against the commands of his superiors) falls for a steamy werewolf, Byron (who is not your average bloodthirsty lycanthrope).

fearful hunter

     I won't give too much away. I'll just say if you like Feral and the Ghost Skater, you will like this book. You can pre-order the collected volume via the kick-starter campaign, where there is also a link to a free digital download of the first chapter of Fearful Hunter, so you can see for yourself.

     The collected volume also includes short back-up stories by many fine artists such as Steve MacIsaac, Justin Hall, Dylan Edwards, William O. Tyler, Agnes Czaja, Rene Capone, Sean-Z, and Sina Sparrow... plus the 4 page story "When Hairy met Selkie" by myself, a story I am very proud of. 

when hairy met selkie

Do yourself a favor and check it out... download part 1 for free, read it, and decide to pre-order the collection. Or not. You have free-will. Buy it buy it BUY IT!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Shadow Geisha!
     I "accidentally" watched the film "RoboGeisha" twice. I went to watch it on Hulu + last night and realized too late I had already seen it. What took so long? This film has an ultimately forgettable plot, but so many memorable moments that I kept wondering whether I'd seen the film before, or just the trailer a few times. This film is so over-the-top as to be teetering on the cusp between "way too much" and "kind of awesome".      After a few rounds of reaching for the off button to end this crazy ride, only to be dissuaded by a totally hilarious bit of dialog, I eventually sat back and enjoyed the ride, probably exactly like the first time I saw it.
     Here's the story in a nutshell: Two sisters, one mean and popular, the other shy and bullied, are kidnapped by mad industrialists who are building an army of ninja-geisha in order to take over the world. Not satisfied with being mere ninja, yet not desiring to join the "goblin squadron", the two opt for robotic enhancements which turn them into naughty killing machines.

     Nevermind that the script seems written on the fly. There's some really funny shit in here. For instance: after being kidnapped and dragged to the geisha training arena to be forced to fight her sister, Yohsie screams "No! Not in THIS outfit!" "So embarrassing..."
Later, when confronted with the Goblin Squadron's ass-swords, Yoshie brandishes her own ass-sword, followed by the three of them murmuring "it's embarrassing..." for several seconds.

"it's embarrassing..."

...and then there's THIS:

     I would definitely recommend the english dub. The voice actors did a really good job re-translating and inflecting in the funniest way possible... something the subtitles fell slightly short of.
     Seriously though, the first 10 minutes are hard to get through. And if you end up hating it... I get it. It's a B movie at it's best... and, well, I'm kinda surprised I spent this much time blogging about it.