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My name is Dave Davenport, but I am sometimes known as "Dogspunk", and sign my artwork "DDOG". I've been tattooing since 1996 and making comic books since 2004. In a past life I animated video games. To view galleries of my work, visit my website and click on the teeth menu on the left...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hard to Swallow comics, vol. 2

So I have been hoping to get the first issue of volume 2 of Hard to Swallow out by Comic-con in San Diego this summer. It may still happen, depends on how fast I can work. If not, the fall back plan is for the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco in the fall. This here is the back cover, featuring the characters from the story “Code Blue”.

Friday, May 21, 2010

advertising on inked-up

Hey peeps,
So I decided to support Inked-up by advertising with them. I stalled while working on a new logo… picking something to represent yourself artistically has always been tough for me. Let me know if you like the design, I may replace the current obake/skull design with it.