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My name is Dave Davenport, but I am sometimes known as "Dogspunk", and sign my artwork "DDOG". I've been tattooing since 1996 and making comic books since 2004. In a past life I animated video games. To view galleries of my work, visit my website and click on the teeth menu on the left...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wacom and Dogspunk #1 second printing

I some months ago took the plunge and got a wacom tablet. I've been using a mouse for most of my life, so I suppose there will be some sort of learning curve, but so far I like it. It is weird, cuz I had developed a style that makes use of the weaknesses of the mouse, and now it is a moot point. Using the stylus with the tablet is a lot like painting, or pastels. So as a practice piece, I colored a new back cover to Dogspunk#1 using the tablet. Dogspunk #1 is getting orders from shops that require a bar code, so I had to get more printed anyhow, and decided to do some things like give it a better back cover, make some changes to the contents, editorial, and letters areas, and ditch the ka-blam ad in favor of some marginalized publications ads. Maybe the new back could sell as a poster too (minus the bar code, of course!)?

Scarab Tattoo

Recent tattoo work I like. The symbols and the black armband were already there, but I think this incorporates them well. Scott (pictured) loves it too. Now we are on to a "portrait" of Ra on his thigh.

Friday, January 4, 2008

HTS #1 on sale again

The interesting thing about selling comics through a magazine/book distributor is that after a while you get some back. This was a welcome surprise, because now we have a pile of HARD to Swallow #1 to sell... our stock had sold out some months ago. The bad thing about it is that some of these are damaged from all the shipping to and fro. These will be available at a discount, I suppose!
Happy New Year, Droogies!