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My name is Dave Davenport, but I am sometimes known as "Dogspunk", and sign my artwork "DDOG". I've been tattooing since 1996 and making comic books since 2004. In a past life I animated video games. To view galleries of my work, visit my website and click on the teeth menu on the left...

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Half-way thru the Pledge Drive!

Hello me Droogies! 
We are halfway through the drive and still a bit to go. The first few days were rocking, but it's slackin since. In case you don't follow me on the social medias, you been missing these celebratory posts:

So we got another week to make the goal, and I know everybody wants a sketchbook of my ink portraits. Once the goal is met, I will produce them and make them available... if the goal is met by the end of the drive, I will send one to each of my patrons who want one!

New pledges also receive a holiday card from me, and those at the Dust Bunny ($5) and above level receive a handmade ornament of either the Ghost Skater or Brad McGuire on the can, your choice! 
   Brad is a little under 5" tall, and the Skater is 6" sneaker to wing-tip.

I've also been posting about the different pledge levels/rewards themselves. At this point we are about halfway through the lot, from the most basic (the lint), through the one most people go for (the roomba rabbit). Aren't they cute and/or gross? 

Lastly but not least (maybe I should have lead with this one?) I'll mention my new introduction video. I made this one to highlight the work I have done over the first year on Patreon, and mention what the next year is looking like. It's very satisfying to look back on all of the work I have done there, and all of the extras I have posted just for my patrons. Check it out! You know you wanna. 

Become a Patron! You get cool stuff, and you get to help me make ends meet while I spend way too much time making art in a field that just doesn't pay. You'd be making a huge difference in this comix artist's life!
Thanks, Dave Davenport

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pagan Pledge Drive!

Hello Droogies!
Today I am starting my first pledge drive for my Patreon page! It's been a little over a year since the initial launch, and though it's been a success, I am hoping to reach the next "goal" on my page with this drive. I've put together a few rewards for new pledges, and a year's end card for all of my Patrons, new and old. Reaching the goal also "activates" the goal reward on my page, which will be a Dogspunk Sketchbook; a collection of ink drawings I have done over the years. Probably a PG version and a naughty one as an extra.

PLUS: if we reach the goal in the first week, or pass it and make the next goal, I will send out hard copies of the sketchbook free as a way of thanks!
So here's the break-down:
All Patrons (new and old) will receive a Year's End Card, mailed to you with a personalized greeting from me if you pledge at $1 or more!

New Pledges at $3 and above will receive their choice of hand-made Tree Ornament!

Such Excitement.
Head over to Patreon now and check it out... chip in a few bucks if you'd like a tree ornament and a holiday card.. and to help support me while I make comics.
Thanks, all!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pagan Holidays!

Happy Holidays, me Droogs!
It's been quite a year and we all can't wait to put it behind us,
but there's that awkward time at the end of the year to deal with...
when we show our love through the capitalist lens of shopping and gift giving!
What better time to send out an email blast!
I've not sent an e-mail since our successful kickstarter campaign for the Hard to Swallow comics anthology, published by Zan Christensen at Northwest Press. The book is beautiful and would make a great gift for the perv in your life. Visit Northwest Press to purchase... they are having a 40% off sale through the 17th of December and have a large catalog of LGBT(etc.) comics, including a few other anthologies I have pieces in, as well as a broad range of quality stuff!
There's also the ALPHABET anthology from Stacked Deck Press, which benefits the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant. It's all people who have applied for the grant over the past decade, and I must say it's one of the strongest anthologies I've ever read, and I am not just saying that because I have a piece in it. Most anthologies are full of some good, some bad, and average out to be, well, average. But this is all really great stuff. I'm proud to be a part of ALPHABET.
In my own store have copies of my comic
Feral and the Ghost Skater: Damaged
self-published/printed version (glossy comic-book version coming soon with extra pages) up for sale, as well as a new t-shirt design from earlier this year, and some older shirts still available. Pick one up for yourself or for the pervy monster lover in your family!

D  O  G  S  P  U  N  K  .  C  O  M 
Finally there's my news of my Patreon page.
It's been a little over a year since the launch, and I've been cranking out content on it pretty well. I'm going to launch a pledge drive campaign in the next few days that will last a few weeks, with the goal of reaching the next "goal" on my page. I'm figuring out now how to structure the incentives and such, but expect to be hearing too much about it over the month of December!