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My name is Dave Davenport, but I am sometimes known as "Dogspunk", and sign my artwork "DDOG". I've been tattooing since 1996 and making comic books since 2004. In a past life I animated video games. To view galleries of my work, visit my website and click on the teeth menu on the left...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So last week I was asked to let an image of mine be used for the "June 3rd Mustache Garage party at Mr. Black" in NYC, I said sure, as long as I was sent some of the posters and such. It's a portrait I did of pro-wrestler Bill Goldberg a few years back. Glad to see people still dig it. Goldberg has been hosting reality shows of late, most recently "Bullrun" on SPIKE. He still inspires naughty dreams for me... one of a handful of celebrities who do (the other notable one being Chris Meloni). Love ya, Bill.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Off the CHIN

So I've been doing a webcomic for Treasure Island Media, a porn company of Ill Repute (I mean that in the best possible way). It is called "Off the Chin" and I am shooting for weekly installments, but that remains to be seen. Part 3 has just been posted, and currently I am finishing up part 5 (as well as too many other things to make that as easy as it should be).
The strip appears on their blog.
Check out "Off the Chin" Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3!

Monday, May 7, 2007

APE 07

The Alternative Press Expo just happened, and it was a year of firsts... I had my own book this year, DOGSPUNK COMIX #1 as well as the 2 issues of the book I do with Justin Hall (HARD to Swallow). It was also the first year I've brought my partner with me, and his first comic book convention. We had a blast, visiting the city, staying with Justin and his partner, and sharing his table with he and Steve MacIsaac. I'll give them some room next year and get my own table. My new book did alright, but mostly my FERAL shirts sold. I'll be needing to have more made up!
Next stop is COMICON. From the best little con to the biggest, most over-whelming one.